1. Adviser definition, selection, task, and monitoring is in conformity with the regulations determined by the University Undergraduate Student Advisory System.

  2. One of Accreditation and Quality Committee members assigned by the Department as a consultant coordinator coordinates the counseling system.

  3. At the beginning of each year first and third semester students attend a mandatory meeting about the consultation system headed by the Department.

  4. Each semester a seminar is given to faculty members about the academic counseling system.

  5. Adviser holds meetings with all students who is responsible for at least twice each semester. For this purpose, the first week of each semester, adviser gives a notice to all students and determines the date of the first meeting that will take place the second week. The determination of the date of the second meeting within the semester is defined at the first meeting.

  6. Adviser keeps a counseling folder in which includes a document consisting of counseling activities and personal info of each student (Personal Information Form and Student Tracking Form).

  7. Adviser makes each student of responsibility fill out the personal Information Form and updates it at the meetings.

  8. Adviser updates the counseling folder by filling out a separate Student Tracking Form for each student after the meetings taking place with students.

  9. At the end of each semester, adviser fills out a Student Tracking Summary Form for all students of responsibility consisting of summarized information about them and delivers to the head of Department.

  10. All students at the 13th week of each semester and all advisers at the end of each semester fill out the Adviser

  11. Evaluation Survey and deliver to the head of Department. (Surveys are made implemented by the head of Department and Counseling Coordinator).

  12. Adviser checks the statuses of students who are in the graduation level (total credits, English credits, Internships, ITB and, etc.) before the last semester and makes necessary warnings.

  13. Adviser makes all students informed about overseas opportunities, graduate programs, scholarships and, internships.

  14. Adviser informs the Head of Department about students who are in bad health or financial conditions. In such cases, the necessary precautions are taken by the Department and if it is necessary, assistance is provided to students who are in need.

  15. At the end of each semester, the Head of Department sets a meeting with all advisers, evaluates the system and defines the necessary arrangements for a better functioning of the system. Surveys given by students and advisers are assessed at the end of each semester and made public to all faculty members.