BASF Turkey Innovation Center Visit

by kimmuh-web | Apr 27, 2022
Our Faculty and Students visited BASF Turkey Innovation Center.

Chemical Engineering Department visited BASF Turkey Innovation Center on April 20, 2022. Department Chair Prof. Dr. Gülhayat Nasün Saygılı, Vice Chair Prof. Dr. Hanzade Açma, Prof. Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu, Res. Assis. Ali Öztürk, 10 students who achieved best performans in Chemical Technologies course in the 2021 Fall Semester and Department MasterBee students were hosted by BASF Turkey Innovation Center and Market Development Director and our esteemed graduate Mübahat Akın. M. Akın and BASF Turkey Corporate Communications Manager Aslı Tanyel Çelikten presented information about the innovation center. Then, Center Laboratories were visited and participants were informed about their studies.